Megarando 2018 New Caledonia
From 12.09.20 to 13.09.20

VTT Passion


His values: discovery, sharing, conviviality, joint efforts, good humor. Its commitments: sports challenges, safety, environmental protection.

In 2018, we keep the success of 2017 on 2 days with more news!

On the program of this new edition:
- the Mega16: hike and chrono (minimal only).
- the Mega26: hike and chrono (juniors and juniors only).
- the Mega45: for mountain bikers who ride regularly.
- the Mega60: for highly trained athletes.
- the Mega ETAPE: 26km on Saturday and 60km on Sunday

Why did prices rise in 2018?
- The cycling committee of New Caledonia requires a financial participation of 500Frs for any race timed this year, so we have been obliged to pass on this increase for the 45km and 60km races. In order to favor young people, we have decided to take over these 500Frs for races 16 and 26 Chrono!

This year again, the first 200 registrants benefit from a preferential rate of 3000 Frs!

In addition, many new this year: a program over 2 days for more conviviality ...
- the Mega Enduro MOBILIS: to discover this very trendy discipline.
- THULE Mega Nocturne: a hike to experience the sensations of mountain biking in the moonlight
- The Mega VTT CO SFAC: a mountain bike orienteering race, muscles and neurons put to the test.

And always :
- preschool
- the Megakids
- the mountain bike village: with the cycling partners who will offer mountain bike and VTTAE trials.
- The Mega Village: food stands, a brussel market, animations.

It is a site entirely dedicated to mountain biking and the event of the day that will be set up: Exhibitors, entertainment for small and large sports, market local products, large number of food stands, all will be the party for a WE exceptional around the world of sport and mountain biking!

More than 150 volunteers will answer to ensure that the Megarando will satisfy each of you with a smile and good mood !!

Go to the website to know the details of the event (location, departure times, schedule of events, etc ...).

You can pay your registration:
- by card with secure payment directly here
- by check or in cash at the La Licorne store in Magenta.

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